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Southwest Florida Concrete Delivery Trucks

What makes our trucks different from others? We use 3.5 yard mixers on single axle trucks which are versatile. You don’t have to worry about using them for only small areas like sidewalks and patios. Since we utilize smaller vehicles we can maneuver through residential and tight areas that other ready mix service companies can’t with less risk of damaging paved or concrete surfaces. Don’t hesitate to consult us at Jot & Tittle Concrete for your next concrete project. By using our trucks, you’ll be saving both time and money.

We can deliver from 1 yard to 3.5 yards of ready mix concrete to your jobsite. One yard of concrete will produce a slab 8 feet x 10 feet, 4 inches thick. You will be glad you chose Jot & Tittle Concrete. Know that you will receive the best value by using our single axle, fuel efficient trucks. Short load users will be satisfied after experiencing the professionalism and quality with Jot & Tittle Concrete.

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You save time and money by using Jot & Tittle Concrete! Call us today for information!

Over 20 Years of construction experience serving Lee, Collier, Charlotte, and Hendry Counties

Jot & Tittle Concrete - Calculator

We have also included a Quikrete bag calculator that will tell you how many 80 lb. bags of Quikrete you will need to purchase and then MIX yourself to complete the same job. Quikrete is $4.30* per 80 lb. bag and you can rent a truck and a cement mixer from your local hardware store for $144.00*. We can deliver high quality ready-mix concrete for less money than you will spend mixing it yourself!

*Price checked 3/9/2020


To determine how much concrete you will need for your project, enter the width, length and the depth in the boxes below.

  • When entering width and length; express the inches as a whole number and decimal.
  • For example, 8 feet and 6 inches should be entered as 8.5 ft. Likewise, the measurement 9 feet and 3 inches should be entered as 9.25 feet.
  • If you need assistance, call us we will be happy to help.

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